Coriander Belongs to the family apiaceae, it produces both leaves (Cilantro) and fruits (Coriander). Coriander is also called as dhania. For a charming delight for food lovers coriander seeds are widely used in India and Middle Eastern countries since they have distinctive aroma of spicy and orange-flavor.

Not only in spicy food coriander is also used in seasoning condiments.


  • Aromatic stimulant
  • Body lotion for nourishing skin
  • Boost your health and stamina
Product Whole Coriander Seeds
Origin India
Type Machine Cleaned / Sorted Cleaned
Grade Eagle, Scooter, Badami, Single & Double parrot and Split
Purity 99.50 %, 99.00 %, and 98.00 %
Moisture 8 to 10 % Max
Admixture 0.50 %, 1.00 % and 2.00 %
Total Ash 9.50 % Max
Acid Insoluble Ash 1.75 % Max
Salmonella Absent/25 gms
Packing 25/50 kg in pp/jute bags or as per customer
Load Ability 9 MT in a 20 Feet Container, 21 MT in a 40 Feet Container
Packing PP Bag: 15/25/50 kg
Mode of Payment
  • 30% In advance and Balance 70% after BL Scan Copy
  • 50% Advance and balance 50% Cad
  • LC Terms
  • DA for Factory Buyers
Delivery Time Prompt.